Partner Programs

VeragTech has engineered strategic alliances to assure our clients that every solution is built on a solid foundation and has a secure, long-term future. We develop in-depth skills, training and certification plans with these reputable partners. Additionally, our partners provide us with advance information and access to their product road maps, which ensures that our technology solutions are more cost-effective to build and maintain over the long term.


We collaborate with our strategic partners selectively targeting specific markets and progressive opportunities. This allows us to offer quality repeatable solutions, frameworks and components that speed deployment adding time value for our customers. We are currently inviting partners in technology, services and market development to for joint ventures in business.


ISV Partners

The Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program centers around the formation of strategic, product-focused relationships that allow VeragTech and its partners to jointly bring functionality to market that logically extends the student management system.


Technology Partners

The Technology Partner Program focuses on technology companies that provide hardware, operating systems, and software applications on which VeragTech student management system products are built and deployed.

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