VeragTech proudly present a new software solution EduGeeta; to address new reporting (CCE) requirements by CBSE. EduGeeta allows you to generate results and reports in the new pattern of CBSE. EduGeeta allows you to maintain different type of records such as students, assessments, indicators, grades, subjects, exams etc.

It automatically generates grades by feeding of only marks. Multiple users can work at the same time on different systems. Best part is you can manage and see student's records and performance anytime. EduGeeta truly satisfies the existence of a computerized CBSE reporting system.

EduGeeta's Advantage:
  • Very easy to use.
  • Saves teachers time by 80% and teachers workload reduces by 95%.
  • No room for manual errors in calculations and printing.
  • Minimize misclassification of students on the basis of marks.
  • No calculations required i.e. percentile, FA1+FA2, SA1+SA2 etc. All calculations are done automatically.
  • Automatic report card generation. Report card based on CBSE model report cards.
  • Cumulative report card for IX and X could be printed.
  • Student Information automation with unlimited reports i.e. Class wise, house wise, phone list, address list etc.
  • Free full year technical support through online.
  • Add-on with World's best School management software (Optional).
  • Integration to your existing software package is possible (Optional).

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is incomplete without EduGeeta. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is only possible when you do it by using automated systems. As it will help you to continuous keep track of nation's future i.e. your students. Feel free to call us for a demo and to learn more about our products and offerings.

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VeragTech Proudly Presents
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